Our Focus

The Felix Gonzalez Law Firm is a cutting edge mid-sized law firm that created viable strategies to resolve each client’s unique injury claim. Our legal expertise is focused on Litigation. The Felix Gonzalez Law Firm is known for assisting other attorneys in pursing Litigation on claims that are under valued and complex.

At our law firm we use a multi-disciplinary approach that combines the skills and experience of our litigators and para-professionals to attain huge settlements. We build enduring relationships and are committed to supporting each attorney and their client in all situations and at all times.

Firm Profile

Our firm has years of legal experience in dealing with all types of injury claims and have employed aggressive legal tactics that have generated substantial money recoveries against negligent companies.

When it comes to negotiating, our attorneys are always willing to take a case to trial. We also utilize non-traditional ways of resolving cases such as mediation, arbitration and/or strategic negotiations throughout the litigation process.