Motor Vehicle Defects Lawyers in San Antonio

Most motor vehicles are safely designed and carefully manufactured. Some, however, are carelessly made or improperly designed can be dangerous and can cause serious injury or death.

A new car recall has almost become a daily occurrence. It seems like a warning hits the news just about every day for a car with a malfunctioning airbag or a fuel line that tends to catch fire.

Injury Resulting from A Vehicle Defect

Injuries that occur as a consequence of a vehicle defect can be devastating. You may be left temporarily or worse, permanently unable to work. Meanwhile, medical bills and everyday expenses continue to pile up. You may also experience overwhelming amounts of pain and mental anguish. If you are injured by a defective automotive product, you deserve compensation for your injuries from those who have negligently caused them.

The laws governing responsibility for defective motor vehicles and what must be proven in court to establish liability vary from state to state.

Several different reasons exist for holding a party liable for harm caused by a motor vehicle defect. The three most common legal theories for finding someone responsible is the breach of warranty, negligence, and strict liability. An experienced Texas products liability attorney can advise you about the rules that apply in your state to your situation involving a defective motor vehicle.

What Types Motor Vehicle Defect Lawsuits Do We Handle?

Our law firm will represent clients involved in the following types of accidents:

Experienced Defective Products Attorneys

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