Workplace Accident Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

Countless of employees are injured at work each year, and thousands of these accidents result in serious injures and death. If you are an employee, who has been injured on the job you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Although Workers’ Compensation covers most injuries incurred on the job, when the negligence of another causes an injury then a claim of personal injury may need to be filed.  Often payouts by workers’ compensation are small and don’t always cover all the expenses an injured person may have.

What Types Of Workplace Accident Lawsuits Do We Handle?

Our law firm will represent clients involved in the following types of accidents:

Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Unfortunately, many workers have their claims denied and are forced to return to work before they have fully recovered from their injuries. There are some reasons why a claim could be denied. Insurance providers will often look for any excuse to save money. Even individuals who suffered an injury while conducting business can have their claim denied if they make mistakes while filling out the forms.

For over two decades, the San Antonio accident attorneys at the Felix Gonzalez Law Firm have fought side by side with injured victims to make sure they receive substantial and just compensation for workplace negligence that caused them to be hurt.

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If you have been involved in a workplace injury, it’s important to contact our firm as soon as possible. Workplace injury cases are notoriously complex. Workers’ compensation claims are often denied initially, and your case is even more complicated if it also involves a personal injury claim.

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